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February 16, 2017

According to Science

Our thoughts toward the magical brown elixir known as coffee usually veer along the lines of “godsend” and “life necessity.” When it comes to coffee and our skin, however, things get a little murkier. Some say that coffee can exacerbate acne and dryness, while others say it doesn’t affect your skin at all. Our editor […]

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December 24, 2016

Beat the Winter Blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder is real. I don’t know if it’s the gray weather, whipping winds and the fact that my skin refuses to hold any moisture – or if I should blame it on the post-holiday letdown that inevitably arises when my family leaves town and it’s back to the grind. Either way, January can […]

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December 3, 2016

Summer Glow in Winter

intaining a summer glow takes a two-fold approach with skincare – it’s as much about what you’re putting into your body as it is what you’re putting on to it. Follow these seven tips from the health, nutrition and beauty experts to ensure your summer glow lasts all the way through to party season. Nutrition tips from Karen Cummings-Palmer (Health, […]

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October 8, 2016


Is there anything better than a refreshing slice of watermelon on a hot summer’s day? Probably not! The great thing is, you can feel good about indulging in a watermelon slice (or two or three) because it actually does your body good. This tasty treat is both a fruit and a vegetable, so it’s no […]

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October 1, 2016

What Are Antioxidants?

If you’re like me, you have probably seen the word antioxidants pop up everywhere lately. Found in everything from wine to coffee and even making its way into skincare and cosmetics, what exactly are these special substances?  The truth is that antioxidants remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents and actually prohibit or prevent free radicals from […]

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September 15, 2016

Wellness Tips For Colds

There’s so much to think about as summer comes to an end: mourning the closure of our neighbourhood pool, the start of football season, my fading tan, and my favourite wardrobe season. Along with all of this, as the weather begins to swing towards cooler temperatures, I tend to see an uptick in feeling sick. […]

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