Hair Trends To Watch

Jessie's Top 8 Picks for 2018

Hair Trends To Watch

Our very talented hair guru Jessie has given us the scoop on her hair trends to watch for 2018. Yes, she is the same Hair by JRabs listed as one of Narcity Ottawa’s hairstylists to watch #hairgoals @hairbyjrabs. She’s saying think BIG – RETRO – VOLUME – TEXTURE  – because just like Shania’s 90’s hit says, “the best thing about being a woman, Is the prerogative to have a little fun”.  Here’s the complete roundup of her top hair inspirations for the upcoming year:


1. Braids.

Whether it’s boho, slicked back in a high pony, or beachy and textured. All things braids are still all the rage for 2018. Now with even more variety – worked into an updo or mixed in with your locks, all braids are set to trends through the upcoming year. Find a fun and easy tips via Elle UK for “School Girl Plaits” braid here.

braids 1

PHOTO: Harpers Bazar + Elle UK

2. Double Barettes + Hair Accessories.

Taking a walk on the 90’s side – the accessories and yes that means scrunchies and barettes and set for a full on come back. We saw them across the runways  so collaborate and listen – it’s time to clip it back tie it up and get ready to work it with them way back play back hair tricks (in a updated and super 2018 way).

P.S. We hear the coolest way to sport barettes is slide them in in line with the tops of your ears – find the insiders scoop via Elle UK here.



PHOTOS: Harpers Bazaar

3. Retro.

Taking that oh so 90’s trend one step further – remember those blunt cuts with flipped out ends? Like it or not, the 90’s are back and they are the hairsipiration behind the retro looks taking over this upcoming year. Sing our new 2018 hair anthem with us now … I want it that way, tell me why …. because you you you oughta know …. when I want you back! Catch all those 90’s hits?


PHOTO: Harpers Bazaar

4. BIG.

Say what?! We can’t hear you over all our volume (see what we did there…). But seriously, remember this STUNNING red carpet Diana Ross inspired look from Uzo Aduba – we do. Go Big or Go Home when it comes to 2018 hair trends to watch. Rock that hair, work that volume.

big volume

PHOTO: Harpers Bazaar

5. Natural Texture.

Keep the curls – keep the texture. Our love of natural texture started in 2017 and set to grow as a hot trend through the upcoming year. Embrace the au naturel.

natural texture


6. Wavvy Fring. Soft Fringe. All the Fringe.

Remember last year we started singing …. gettin’ shaggy with it, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah! All the layers, all the texture was big for 2017 – now we take that and add bangs. Wavvy, choppy, textured, messy fringe. It’s so 2018. Need more “Fringe-spiration”? Find a round up of the best fringe looks via Elle UK here.

wavvy bangs fringe 2

PHOTO: Harpers Bazaar + Elle UK